100 Days of Marketing

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Being inconsistent with your online marketing makes you seem inconsistent.

Creating and publishing content consistently establishes authority and credibility. If you only write when you feel inspired, in the mood or find the time, you’ll never be truly successful.

You have to make the time to get inspired.

That's where 100 Days of Marketing come in. There's no sense in buying this program if you aren't ready to commit.

If you are ready to commit, simply log in and follow the instructions. Each day's activities are tracked and will take 20-30 minutes... max. And these aren't random tasks. This is a system - a process that follows a repeating pattern to create a habit.

RETURNING SOON - in the shop for upgrades.

What if you had the inspiration to do it well?

Aside from all of the ideas and suggestions inside the program, you'll also get access to help, advice, feedback and recommendations in a private Facebook group. And it's a great place to brag about your progress! Everyone loves a success story.

Meet Program Creator: Linda Daley, Small Business Blogger

Linda is on a mission to help small business owners make smarter marketing decisions. Since 2005 she has worked with over 200 small businesses, helping them implement their online marketing strategies, connecting the dots between planning and doing. Clients across North America depend on Daley Progress Inc. to help them show up regularly online and delight their fans with valuable content.

Author of 500+ articles, Linda’s blog - Work Better, Not Harder - has been touted by Search Engine Journal as one of the "Best Marketing Blogs of Canada". Linda has also edited and published over 2000 articles and newsletters for clients. She approaches marketing like an experiment and you'll learn from her experience during your 100 Days of Marketing.

"I am grateful to have Linda Daley in my corner. You definitely want to add her to your team and into your marketing plans!"
- Natasha Marchewka, Voice Presentations Ltd.

Linda Daley